WiFi Router/Modem Access during Loadshedding

WiFi Router Power Supply

This article will help you understand the importance of WiFi router power supply in the context of load-shedding.

Load-shedding, as we all know, is a common occurrence in many parts of the world. It is a part of life for many people and it is not something that can be avoided. What most people don't know is that there are certain types of electronic devices that can still be used during load-shedding, even if there's no electricity. For example, a laptop or phone charger will still work as long as it has its own battery pack or power bank. But what about WiFi routers? Well, this article will help you understand how to use WiFi routers during load sheds and how to choose one with an adequate power supply for your needs!

Zoom is an online meeting service that provides a platform for video conferencing. Zoom is a cost-effective solution for businesses that need to hold meetings with people who are not in the same location.

Zoom Online Meeting is a web conferencing software that can be used for meetings, webinars and online training. It has a data cost per hour. The data cost per hour will depend on the number of participants attending the meeting and the type of subscription plan that you have chosen.

According to some Google research, a typical Zoom meeting can use 2GB of data in one hour. This is a lot of data use (for my cell phone data it should be costly). This equals my own data usage via my WiFi router in one full day.

In SA I have some options or routes in general to access or join a Zoom online meeting:

I completely understand if you can't join the Zoom meeting because it seems like you're experiencing load-shedding.

From 240VAC to 12VDC

With load-shedding, the power supply is cut off to a certain area for a specific period of time. This is done to conserve energy and resources. But this can be bad for people who rely on WiFi routers for their internet connection.

WiFi routers are often used as a backup when there is no electricity supply in the area. When there is load-shedding, the router will stop working and so will the internet connection that it provides.

A WiFi router is a device that transmits data wirelessly to and from the internet. It is used in homes, offices, and other places. The power supply of a WiFi router can be affected during load-shedding.

A power supply for a WiFi router is necessary for it to function. There are many different kinds of power supplies that can be used, but the most common one is a 240V AC cord normally supplied with your router.

This power supply inverts the electrical current down to 12V direct current.

This means if you have any other source of 12VDC, it should work well with the assumption that the specifications of that 12VDC source are adequate for the WiFi router needs to function properly.

Such a common available DC source is the all-known power bank. Available from different stores country-wide.

The problem is that these power banks are developed with the goal to power 5VDC appliances, e.g to charge your phone or alike, and not 12VDC. But there is a possible very neat handy solution to this and won’t cost you a leg or an arm. We are talking less than R100. This item in turn gets connected between your WIFI router 12vdc inlet and your power bank. It thus converts the 5VDC from the power bank upwards to the required 12VDC needed by the WiFi router(Only if 1A required).

Always make sure that the power bank supply is sufficient as well as this cheap device can deliver enough current to your WiFi router. This item is specified as 1A for current use only and we then need to make sure your WiFi router should not need more than 1A to function properly. In my case, my LTE WiFi router demands 2A and is not adequate at all.

If you follow this link for a 2A 12VDC PSU. Once it is fully charged, it will deliver 12VDC to your WiFi router for more than a couple of hours. These items are usually more expensive!

The ampere ratings of your router should be available at the back or at the bottom of your router where the specifications are published/printed.

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