People don't want to read, they will rather ask.

As a powerful, rich, and famous woman who creates novels, I am often pestered with questions from the public. I'm able to very politely and concisely answer all these questions and entertain their questions about my life. However, when they ask me to read out loud the novel I'm writing, I refuse.

The first time was an interview with an envious journalist who said "May I please hear what you are working on?" I politely declined by saying "Oh no no no" quickly thinking of excuses. The second time was a man who took it as his cue to say "May I hear what you're writing?"

I made up yet another excuse but by the third time someone asks again, I just said "No" bluntly. It surprised them that I finally said it bluntly because they walked away feeling offended or didn't have anything to say back anymore.