Go to places where you are appreciated and not tolerated! Life will then be much better.

As a market researcher, I was given assignments that were always so monotonous and boring. My boss showed no interest in my work or its outcome. He only cared about the numbers I brought to him. Never did he ask what I thought about the new client or product.

One day, during the company's annual Christmas party, I spotted my boss standing alone by himself at the bar. I walked over and struck up a conversation with him. For once it felt like he actually cared about me and my ideas. He even asked me what I would do if he gave me more responsibility in the company!

The next day I began my job search for other companies where I would be appreciated and not tolerated. My life has been much better since then!

As a person who has dealt with a mental illness as well as being bi-racial and transgender, I thought that this was the right time to take advantage of my privileges by going to all the places where I could be accepted.

The first place is a Halloween party hosted by some friends on the LGBT+ spectrum. They tell me it's the place where they feel most like themselves. They are all dressed up in various costumes and I am in my usual casual clothes. One person asks me what my costume is and I tell them that I didn't know there was a dress code, but I am wearing my life story.

I walk around the room feeling awkward about being seen as an extra attraction for people to take pictures with until someone asks me what my favorite Disney Princess is and we start talking about how Ariel's story resonates with us for different reasons, which finally makes me feel at home.

The next day, when asked if I had any regrets, I remember the way you kissed me and told me that everything was going to be okay.