Chemcoolweb IT Partner

A Problem of mine (Chemcoolweb) during my 19 years of Web design

IT support is a service that provides assistance in the use of computer systems. It is also known as technical support or customer support. Companies provide IT support to their customers through phone, chat, email, and remote connection.

An IT professional or an IT specialist may provide the service for a company's internal clients and employees or for external clients.

The services above were not part of my business and were not always affordable. I could only deliver web design services and was always stuck to enhance my support services to my customers.

This problem was further exacerbated when customers could not set up their email accounts on Outlook or other communication platforms like cell phones and PCs.

They approached me to assist in setting up their email accounts, but I could only help until my own build-up of personal IT experience ran out of steam.

Customers always thought I was a Windows IT technician or an IT specialist because I am a web or content designer.

When their websites won’t open, the web designer is always contacted first before it is determined that their own internet network is down.

This is all I totally understand because for the same token I am not knowledgeable in many other fields. “Skoenmaker hou jou by jou leuse” (cobbler stick to your motto)

Problem Solved

So, Chemcoolweb applied for BNI membership and joined.

Around my table in our network, there is also an IT company called ICTX.

After a valuable 1-2-1 meeting, I learned about their specific home and office IT support with very affordable services including servicing my customers in my database with IT-related support.

When I do business with my customer, I would in the very early stages of doing business, refer to and introduce the personnel of ICTX to my customer. They will then expect a call from ICTX, either to set up an email account and should be able to solve any future IT-related issues.