Webmail is an email service that you can access from your web browser. The most popular webmail providers include Gmail, Yahoo Mail, Outlook.com, and AOL Mail. All of these services offer a full suite of mail clients including inbox, outbox, spam folder, draft box, and folders for different purposes like social media notifications or travel reservation confirmations. Your mail account service provided by Chemcoolweb is also such a similar popular webmail provider. Always about 99.9% stable and online!

An email has been around since the 1980s but it wasn't until recently that the majority of people had internet access on their personal devices thanks to smartphones and tablets. This created the need for a way to browse email on smaller screens which is how webmail was born. With webmail, you can do everything that you would with traditional desktop email without having to download any software or configure your settings because it’s all done through your browser. Now is this not interesting?

Most of my Customer communication towards me is always about their email account not working. Not receiving, not sending, can’t set it up on my phone, the password is not working, etc.

Let us take OUTLOOK for an e.g. OUTLOOK is what I call a third-party software between you and your email account service provider. In simple words, Outlook simply retrieves all email account information from the service provider, and yes they may strive heavily to enhance the software by adding features and to make your experience as friendly as possible and this is all good until your computer is updated/upgraded or simply your email just stop working sending or receiving.

As I am, most of us are not Windows technicians or we are not computer technicians and once your email stop working you end up with your hands in your hair sadly for me the error types always default to contact your service provider which may not be accurately applied.

Ok, your email is not working and we always have important and urgent communication to see to!

Just for a moment put aside the challenge of checking your Outlook settings, learn and do the following exercise with ease and make it part of your knowledge, it is easy:

What did you achieve?

If the above is not true, then feel welcome to call me for assistance.