Website Cancellations

Marketing and Strategy Suggestions for Small Business Owners

With nearly two decades of experience in designing websites for small businesses, I occasionally receive requests from my existing clients to completely cancel their websites. There can be various reasons behind this decision, ranging from financial constraints to dissatisfaction with their small business marketing efforts.

One common reason cited by these clients for canceling their websites is the perceived lack of business generated from their online presence, deeming it unworthy. Whenever faced with such a situation, my initial response is always a question: "How do you know that?" Typically, this question catches the client off guard.

To further explore the issue with these website owners, I pose several discussion questions:

I aim to provide added value to small business owners with websites and accompanying social media presence. Let's initially divide this information into two sections, with the potential to delve deeper into the details:

A. Basics

To fulfill the fundamental requirements of marketing your business, the aforementioned questions should be answered positively. A website should not be viewed as a mere "nice to have" asset but rather as a platform that requires constant attention through updates, additional content, and maintenance. Your website, along with your business card, should reflect the essence of your proud small business. Additionally, ensure that your social media accounts are prominently displayed on your website.

B. Advanced

Instead of distributing traditional brochures, consider employing a trackable method. Monitoring your marketing efforts is key to success. I suggest exploring Google Ads Campaigns as one such method and discussing it further with me. Other strategies to consider include utilizing Google Analytics, Google Search Console, and Google Site verification. Study the reports generated by these tools and take appropriate action. Engage in blogging and newsletters to further enhance your online presence. Pay attention to SEO when crafting content for your home, about us, and product pages. For more information on Google SEO and content marketing, I recommend reading further resources. Remember, your website, social media, content marketing, and Google SEO collectively form your digital ecosystem or digital marketing map.

I hope these suggestions help you optimize your marketing and strategy efforts as a small business owner with a website and social media presence.